Ben Perreau! Editor of!! Leaving!!?

Posted on August 1, 2007


I can’t find any mention of this anywhere other than his newsletter, so I’m either way behind here or this is new news.

Okay, I’m not gonna lie to you. I don’t know much about Ben Perreau’s career apart from a page long NMA case study on, but I do know he’s a big deal. Why? Because he’s developed one of the best perfoming publisher sites in the world. One which squares up to the likes of MySpace Music and other broadcasting heavyweights.

Instead of seeing the web as a threat, Ben’s exploited NME’s equity in the print market and transferred that online. He looks to have used the classic approach of breaking universal and soon to be dead news on the web, and keeping exlcusive news and features for the money making print edition (not that the web isn’t making money – it is).

Ben mentions his departure in this week’s NME e-newsletter:

Hello for the very last time good friends,

This being my final week at NME, I’ve decided to be truly self-indulgent and write the newsletter myself. I’m leaving to find ways of inflicting my music tastes (among other things) on a whole new bunch. But don’t worry, NME.COM remains in very capable hands – ready to fly the flag as the world’s greatest music news destination without me, so make sure you keep coming back. In fact, we’re already working on masses more improvements in the NME.COM basement bunker, ready to drop in the coming months.

But you’ve not got rid of me yet, not before I’ve had a chance to tell you just what’s going on this week on NME.COM. It’s razor-sharp, as always: we’ve got the whole of Kate Nash’s debut album ‘Made Of Bricks’ to hear from Thursday, the whole of The Coral’s new album, ‘Roots And Echoes’, Dan Martin’s Too Much Information blog gets jiggy with Arctic Monkeys up at Old Trafford and there’s the new video from Paramore. Whatever your eyes and ears need: it’s all there, I assure you.

The magazine is chock-full too. There’s the first verdict on Babyshambles’ new album, the chance to get on the bill at Carling Weekend: Reading or Leeds Festival,
reviews of new music from The Courteneers, Tiny Masters Of Today, Love,
Franz Ferdinand and erm… Eddie Argos’ other band. Plus there’s the full-on
moshpit report from Arctic Monkeys’ greatest moment yet at Old Trafford this

There’s shedloads more – but that should be enough for starters. And that’s me. It’s been a blast – the greatest ever. Sail on, sailors. (sob)

Ben PerreauEditor, NME.COMxxx
PS. Until Friday, you can still email me
with any suggestions – I’ll make sure they get passed on.

Blimey. Dry your eyes mate. No idea where he’s going though. Is he staying within IPC
Media? Launching an online only music magazine brand (if so – why?)? Or is he doing
a James Carter
of fame and leaving the publisher to launch
his own content venture?
Either way, Godspeed Ben. Oh, and watch out for the beginning of the dotcom
slowdown in September.
He’s going to Sky to work on content strategy / build some new websites.
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